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The Assignment

These projects represent what we care about most, which are the fascinating souls all around us. Some of these samples started out related to "for hire" assignments, and others were just fun, little profiles we were lucky to shoot along the way. Regardless, they are all labors of love.

Project Notes

First up, is an artist profile of Jerome Gastaldi, a wise and gentle abstract artist in Southern California. Next up is Carl Ellesson, an original blacksmith who we were lucky to meet in his barn in upstate Michigan. Then we have Kiki and Ava, two young friends just playing on the beach. And finally Jenae Poe, who allowed us to film her warm-up and run through downtown Seattle.

Art is a connection to the deepest part of us. It taps into your soul. It's a link to who we are. I think art can change the world.

Jerome Gastaldi,
Abstract Artist