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Hi, we’re little films.
Mostly, we are super curious storytellers who make all kinds of things for brands. Thanks for dropping by.

about us

We've worked hard to stay so tiny. It allows us to do what we love, and to truly live every project. How lucky we are, to be able to share these souls and their stories.

Brent Souter

The Thinker

Brent Souter

Brent's our creative director. His brain won't shut down, so we try to use that to our advantage.

Donna Souter

The Glue

Donna Souter

We call Donna our best girl or glue. Among other things, she shoots lovely photos and signs the checks.

Erik Hutchison

The Story Teller

Erik Hutchison

Erik heads up post and beautifully cuts our shows. He enjoys green tea and dark edit suites.

Christine Heine

The Geek

Christine Heine

We get away with calling Christine a geek because she's also stylish and cute. But she's mostly a geek.

Some of the folks we've been fortunate to partner with.

oh bitty

Interested in seeing more of our photography? If so, check out our sister site, Oh Bitty, where you'll find an ever-changing collection of the personal and professional still images captured by Brent and Donna Souter. Friends, faces, candid, commercial - Oh Bitty is a place where we can share all the the things we see.

visit oh bitty


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