Yard House Restaurants




Yard House Restaurants


Agency Partner, Creative Direction, Photography and Post

The Assignment

We're very lucky to have clients who trust and believe in us as much as the folks at Yard House. For years now we've played an important role in helping to acquire their commercial media. This has included brand films and also a wide variety of food, drink and lifestyle stills, some of which are shown here.

Production Notes

Over time you really get the feel and vibe of a brand. We've worked hard with Yard House to understand how they see themselves and how they want to position their brand. We like it that they take this very seriously, and it's helped us to develop a somewhat proprietary methodology in how we shoot and process their imagery in order to ensure that signature Yard House feel.

Years ago, after seeing their work, we tracked them down. The Yard House story has been beautifully captured by Little Films in motion and still photography ever since.

Harald Herrmann, Yard House Founding Partner