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Gordon Biersch


Agency Partner, Creative Direction, Photography

The Assignment

As one of the true originals in the brewery/restaurant space, Gordon Biersch has earned its solid reputation. But of course, with age comes the need for updates - so we were thrilled when our GB friends tapped us to explore a thorough brand refresh.

Project Notes

Gordon Biersch has always been about craft - both in their food offerings and in their fresh beer, always brewed on-site. The challenge as we saw it, was in taking this humble brand away from any notion of "old school" and making it feel very current, while still completely friendly and approachable. In order to do this we went down a very editorial path - both in the original photography we shot and in the design cues as shown here in various ad comps and the resulting style guide.

You fired up our entire executive team with a fresh approach for our brand, and that was all before the two rounds of applause from our Board of Directors. Seriously, that's a welcome first! Thanks for being such a great creative partner.

Will Powers, Marketing Director, Gordon Biersch